Finca S’Olivaret

A ‘Possessió’ in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana.


S’Olivaret, a ‘Possessió’ in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana.

S’Olivaret witnessed great events which had a significant impact on Mallorca’s history, from the Moors’ invasion of the island to the present day. This rich history has left its mark on the estate and has given it unique character. After conquering Mallorca, Jaime I of Aragón relinquished these over 75 hectares of olive groves and green hills, in the foothills of the imposing Serra de Tramuntana, to the viscount of Bearne in gratitude for the services rendered in the battle of Porto Pi.

S’Olivaret’s history dates back to the 17th Century when it was built as an estate dedicated to the production of olive oil. Over various centuries, the estate belonged to various local families who used it to produce olive oil and breed animals.


Centuries of history

in its very walls.

In the 19th Century S’Olivaret was acquired by the Montaner family, one of the most influential and wealthy families in Mallorca, who transformed it into a stunning summer home. During that time, the estate underwent significant renovations and extensions which essentially endowed it with its current appearance.

The Montaner family was also a great benefactor in the area and built several important buildings on the island such as the Palma de Mallorca Public Library and the Principal Theatre.

The family was also known for taking part in the cultural and political movement known as the ‘Balearic Renaissance’ which aimed to revitalise the culture and identity of the Balearic Islands. During the Spanish Civil War, S’Olivaret was used as a campaign hospital by the Republican army. After the war, the estate was abandoned and it progressively deteriorated.


The Serra
Socias family.

The property changed hands several times until the 90s when it was acquired by the Serra Socias family. They carried out an extensive renovation and restoration turning it into one of the best rural hotels in Mallorca and preserving the style and characteristics of the rural architecture so typical of Mallorcan mountain estates.

The main building is centuries old and used to house an olive press. Today it offers a unique place to stay in a beautiful rural environment where guests can seek out intimate and cosy corners, discover an exquisite art collection and admire the decoration which has taken every detail into account. And then of course, there’s the estate’s greatest treasure; its manicured and minimalist gardens; and the orchard above the swimming pool which seems to disappear into the forest – making it one of the most beautiful swimming pools in all the island of Mallorca.

Today the Rural Hotel S’Olivaret & Spa **** offers its guests a unique experience in stunning natural surroundings and a historical atmosphere. At S’Olivaret, nature, tranquillity and tradition come together to take our guests back in time.